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Bibliography of European Union Law

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In today’s internet-oriented society, we could well ask ourselves if there is any need for a simple bibliography on European Union law and a paper version at that! From our daily experience as librarians at the College of Europe in Bruges, we reached the conclusion that this need really does exist. It is somewhat tiresome to always have to answer the same question: “Do you have an overview of recent books on European law?” And despite the abundance of information available, many of our students fail to get the best out of it. In addition, we often receive requests for a basic bibliography from our Development Office. Under the direction of Dr. Marc Vuijlsteke, this entity operates all over the world, setting up European documentation centres. As a result – and because it would make life a lot easier for all of us in the long run – we believe it would be useful to have a readily available ‘handy guide’ to respond to these requests and avoid having to constantly start at zero again.

At the same time, our main book supplier, Story Publishers, expressed a similar need. As an experienced editor, it had come to the same conclusion. After mature consideration, we decided upon a yearly paper publication coupled with a permanent database. This concept has now become reality.

Bibliography of European Union Law
€ 42,00


Auteur College of Europe Brugge
ISBN 978 90 876 40095
Doelgroepen Advocaten, Bedrijfsjuristen, Magistraten
Materie Grensoverschrijdend recht
Editie 2008
Pagina's Nee
Meta-keywords European Union Law, Europees communautair recht